About Us

Our vision is to feed the poor and needy

How we spend our donations

We are conscious that we must guarantee that we provide the services we promise. To do this in the most cost-efficient way possible, we mainly rely on managers of BMs whom we know and trust. If and when there is need for an issue to be settled or confirmed we ask an experienced Beth Myriam manager living in the same region of the world to go and provide support or find out what should be done. Our actions are then based on the advice we receive. We always reserve the option of the BM international coordinator making visits to BMs if we consider that necessary. We set aside 5% of our international contributions to cover travel costs for this type of supervision.

Much has been achieved but the demand is only increasing. Over the sixteen years since the BM project was initiated many lessons have been learned on how to manage and sustain, on a purely voluntary basis, the operations of the Beth Myriams. On the basis of what we have learned we feel we are now ready to expand our project and take responsibility for contributions not only from those close to our project but also from institutional donors. We will continue to run our operation with volunteers and we will always require a contribution from those close to each Beth Myriam to ensure that we have a stake in the game.

In 2009 an international account was established to collect donations from the world-wide TLIG community and till today about US Dollar 1.5 million has been collected and distributed. Almost all the BMs receive financial support from their own TLIG prayer groups and some of them are totally self-sustained. The total amount that has been collected since 1998 is therefore much larger. Although these numbers are impressive, the need goes far beyond what a community of individuals can respond to and requests for support outstrips what we are able to provide. We are no longer able to respond, on our own, to a growing number of requests for new Beth Myriams.