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Beth Myriams Around the World


Osaka, Japan

The Beth Myriam in Osaka started in 2013. It is Nancy Imade who runs the BM Osaka. Supporters, donors and volunteers of this project are people from three TLIG prayer groups, from the cities Totteri, Kurayoshi and Kobe. Read more...


The Beth Myriam in Syria started in summer 2011 providing food and assistance to poor families. In the beginning the Beth Myriam offered food to families every month. Read more...

Lebanon, Beirut

Nepal, Kathmandu

Philippines, “On Wheels”, Tuao, Manila

South and North America

Argentina, Mendoza


Belo Horizonte, Belo Horizonte II, Brasilia, Goiania, Salvador

Peru, Barranco

Uruguay, Montevideo

Mexico, Monterrey



Bundibugyo is a district in western Uganda situated in the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains, some 400 kms. from Uganda's capital, Kampala. It has borders with the Democratic Republic of Congo in the west and north. Read more...

Egypt, Cairo

Ivory Coast, Abidjan


Greece, Athens