They wait for your help

April 13, 2018

Hawaii, Maui

Jay and Carol Stenger are responsible for Beth Myriam Maui, with the support of the prayer group from Maui that consists of around 10 people. It […]
April 13, 2018

Mexico, Monterrey

In Monterrey in Northern Mexico there is a Beth Myriam that was opened in 2006. It has grown and expanded its operations over the years so […]
April 13, 2018

Venezuela, Propatria

Benito Prieto runs the BM in Propatria together with only 4 volunteers. For the past 15 years the BM has offered food, medicine and clothes to […]

How it started

In 1998, Vassula was inspired through a vision to feed the poor in the Holy Land. She was shown a narrow doorway in which our Blessed Mother was standing, holding the baby Jesus. A short time later a series of seemingly independent happenings came together to help this project to begin, to date many Beth Myriams have opened around the world.

Useful information

Where we are

There are Beth Myriams in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. Last year about half a million meals were served to socially disadvantaged children, orphans, families, homeless, sick, elderly and those forgotten in the slums, regardless of their nationality, creed or social background. Read more...

Ways to give

Thank you for considering supporting the Beth Myriam mission. Our volunteers do their best giving their time and devotion to feed the poor and needy. The Beth Myriam Fund has been established to direct your contribution to where it is needed. Read more...