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“Lift the oppressed and help the orphan;
protect Me, rescue Me from the gutter,
shelter Me and feed Me,
unload my burden and fatigue,
support Me and encourage Me.


All that you do to the least of My brethren
you do it for Me;







Beth Myriams


Meals Yearly


At the end of the day it is not about
what you have or what you have accomplished,
it’s about who you’ve lifted up;
it’s about what you’ve given back.

Anne Amanya

Bugumbwa, Uganda

She is responsible for the Beth Myriam Bugumbwa in Uganda and she also helps supervise the Beth Myriams in Africa. She plans and oversees the purchasing of food, medical supplies etc.

Father Assad

Homs, Syria

Fr. Assad is responsible for the Beth Myriam in Homs in Syria and also helps in assisting the poor and sick with food and other assistance.

Br. Charles Fox

Solomon Islands

Br. Charles Fox is a Franciscan brother. He gives out the food and basic goods to old, poor, disabled and other people in need in villages or communities outside Honiara City.

Eve Kabasinguzi

Bugumbwa, Uganda

Eve comes every day the Beth Myriam Bugumbwa in Uganda, where she prepares the food for the children.

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