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The Beth Myriam in Mendoza was the first in Argentina. It was established in 2006 on the initiative of  Juanita, who set it up in her own house. Her husband Carlos, and three teenage daughters helped in serving and feeding elderly people and about 40 children from around the area; bathing them in their bathroom since many of the children did not have water in the slums where they live. The needs of the area are many since the poverty rate in Argentina is very high.

In May 2006, a house located close to Juanita’s was rented and the Beth Myriam was set up there. TLIG volunteers now welcome the elderly, pregnant women, infants, and children. Three meals are served from Monday to Friday to 180 poor people. The sick are taken to Dr. Octavio’s home not far from the Beth Myriam for free help. The TLIG volunteers give sewing, knitting, and art lessons for adults, and four teachers help the children and teenagers with their schoolwork, resulting in very positive results at school.

Home for homeless mothers and children

This Beth Myriam has recently extended its activities and is now offering a” home for the homeless”. As of October 2008, this rented house situated a block away from the first BM has its doors open to homeless mothers and their children. These abandoned people are given food and shelter for the time needed to bring stability back into their lives. They are cared for and helped to recover their self-esteem and self-confidence, to overcome the sufferings and traumas caused by life in the streets. Art, sewing, painting lessons as well as computer training are given to the adults and children. They are also assisted in their search for jobs and for a decent place to live. Currently over 400 persons – children and adults – are fed nutritious food daily from Mondays to Fridays at both the Beth Myriams.

Contact information
Address: Mendoza, Argentina
Responsible: Pablo Cuomo
E-mail: [email protected]

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