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April 13, 2018
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April 13, 2018
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There is a dental office at the Goiânia BM. In 2012, 400 people were help there, receiving teeth restoration, mobile prothesis and tooth extractions. There were over 100 emergency treatments to relieve toothaches.

October the 12th is the children’s day in Brazil and also the feast day to celebrate Our Lady Aparecida – patroness of the country. On that day more than 26 gallons of ice cream were served to the kids who also ate 300 sandwiches and drank 13 gallons of soda. Each week, from January to October, 30 boys and girls were evangelized to at the Goiânia BM, getting to know the Catechism.

Contact information
Address: Goiania, Brazil
Responsible: Maria da Gloria Cavalcante
Tel: +55 6291570744
Email: [email protected]

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