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Since 2010 Tiendjo Pagoue Pierre has been running the BM in Abidjan together with about twenty friends. They are all volunteers and take turn in helping with running the BM. The main activity of the BM is the distribution of about 100 food packs every ten days containing enough food for 4 people for 4 days or 16 meals. To find the real needy ones, the BM volunteers contact people in the slum areas in the outskirts of Abidjan and close to the BM. Those people and families who have been selected are then visited by Flore who goes out and meet them in their homes to make sure that they are really in need. As people move and sometimes an entire slum area is erased by the city, the names on the list are changing; some people disappear from the list and new ones are invited.

The volunteers organize prayer meetings on Saturdays and around 20 people take part but when the food is being distributed on Saturdays the prayer group is bigger. The BM has a small library but many people cannot read so often Pierre reads the daily message out loud. Those who can read are welcome to borrow books from the library

The BM in Abidjan is different from many of the others in that it does not serve cooked meals. In this way it is of course more difficult to keep a coherent group together and to build that link to TLIG. Due to cultural reasons it is also difficult to offer for example medical and dentist help. The TLIG volunteers would however like to do more than limit themselves to serving meals and since 2017, the BM has started to two classes of 10 women in each class in sowing. The teaching is free and offered by volunteers but the BM has help in buying sewing machines. All is happening at the BM house. In order to help men, the BM also offered help in obtaining drivers licenses. The women and men selected for the training are carefully selected to make sure that not only the individual but also families are helped to a new start in life. The BM will stay in close contact with all men and women after the training is completed so that the link with the BM is maintained and to see if the teaching can be improved in any way.

Contact information
Address: Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire
Responsible: Pierre Tiendjo Pagoué
Tel: +225 09140941
Email: [email protected]

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