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In Monterrey in Northern Mexico there is a Beth Myriam that was opened in 2006. It has grown and expanded its operations over the years so that it now helps about 55,000 people every year. A nutritious meal with egg, meat, beans and potatoes is served five days a week and a medical doctor is available once a week. Most of the people are young adults or middle-aged people. 60% are relatives of sick people admitted in a nearby regional hospital. Drug addicts and homeless attend too.

There is a group of about 60 people who are ardent followers of the TLIG messages who sustain this effort and six to ten of them share the daily work of buying, preparing and serving the meal. All work on an entirely volunteer basis.

The Monterrey Beth Myriam received contributions from the international fund until 2012 but has since then been able to cover its annual financial needs of about USD 45000 with local contributions thanks to the vigorous work of the TLIG followers in the city. The BM is established as a not-for-profit organization with tax-exempt status and contributions are tax deductible.

This is but one example of a Beth Myriam that has graduated from being dependent on the international BM fund to become self-sustained. There are other such examples in Venezuela and Brazil.

Contact information
Address: Monterrey, NL Mexico
Responsible: Maria Guadalupe Magaña de Duran
Email: [email protected]

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