School in Kulun

Bangladesh, Dhammarajika Orphanage
April 13, 2018
Brazil, Belo Horisonte I and II
April 14, 2018
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In July 2000 a request was made from some people in Kulun, a village close to Dhaka to build a 2-classroom school for the first graders that had to walk about 3km to reach the nearest mission school. The people that asked us were close local friends and later became devout followers of the Messages of TLIG. One of them, Xavier Pereira, is promoting the TLIG Messages in the areas around Dhaka. The decision was made to help build the school and by mid-2001 it was almost completed. In February 2003, Vassula and Sami Carlo visited the village and saw the school running. Sami volunteered to donate desks and benches. In 2003 TLIG also started paying the teachers as the previous organization supporting them.

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