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In the aftermath of regional wars throughout the borderland between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Western Uganda, children have been dying of hunger and malnutrition for some years. In 2009 a small group of fifteen women, living in the border town of Bugombwa came together to help orphans, people who were crippled or just so poor they could not get enough food to grow up healthy. Encouraged by readers of the TLIG messages they founded a Beth Myriam and are now caring for about 180 children.

Five days a week the children are served breakfast and lunch. The food is all bought on the local market and only costs about 1 US dollar per meal. Yet it is nutritious consisting of beans, rice, potatoes and cassava (a very common potatoe-like vegetable in Africa) as well as egg, meat, fish and milk. This type of balanced diet ensures that the children get all the vitamins, protein and starch they need to fully develop their bodies and minds.

Once a week a nurse comes to check that the children are all okay. They get extra vitamin and mineral supplements such as iodine, zinc and sulphate. They are also being vaccinated for measles, polio, whooping cough, tuberculosis and pneumonia. However, there are a lot of diseases going around the community where the children live and it happens of course that they get sick. Simple treatments are taken care of by the nurse while more serious cases are referred to the local medical facility.

All this work is done by the group of 10 to 15 volunteers. They are particularly proud of how they have been able to combine the serving of a nutritious meal with schooling and some basic medical service. Their passion and love of their fellow human beings, which is at the core of the TLIG messages, lie in helping the needy to a new start in life.

Contact information
Address: Bugombwa, Uganda
Responsible: Anne Amanya
Tel: +256 774 160 839
Email: [email protected]

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