About Us

Our vision is to feed the poor and needy

Where we are and How we work

Currently (April 2018) there are 27 Beth Myriams functioning in 16 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. In 2017 about half a million meals were served to socially disadvantaged children, orphans, families, homeless, sick, elderly and those forgotten in the slums, regardless of their nationality, creed or social background. The main thing served at the Beth Myriams is Love, the Love of Our Lord Jesus Christ as we endeavour to serve Him by serving one another. We are particularly proud of how we have been able to combine the serving of a nutritious meal with schooling, basic medical service and in some cases with vocational training. In this way we hope we are able to help the needy to a new start in life and not only to survival for the day.

A Beth Myriam Charter has been established In order to ensure that all Beth Myriams serve the same purpose. There is a Beth Myriam Coordinator who reports to the True Life in God Foundation based in Geneva, Switzerland. Each Beth Myriam is managed only by True Life in God lay people, it has a dedicate bank account and is allocated funds based on a budget approved by the Coordinator. Reports on expenses are sent yearly or upon request by the coordinator. Quality control is assured through site visits if and when necessary. Such visits are mostly undertaken by a trusted BM manager in the same region. This has proven to be an efficient and cost-effective way of supervision and only five percent of a yearly budget is therefore required for supervision and quality control.

The Beth Myriams remain unique on the international developmental scene, as they are inspired by an ecumenical spirituality that motivates the engagement of volunteers, keeping running costs to a minimum, maximizing the output of contributions and imbuing the Beth Myriams with a unique spirit of service and charity. The volunteers have been inspired by reading the messages of True Life in God through Vassula's vision. They are all linked to a True Life in God prayer group and the Beth Myriams are thus sustained by a vibrant spirituality.