Athens, Greece


Athens in Greece

Athens in Greece

The Beth Myriam in Athens, the Capital of Greece was set up in 2009. With the help of the Blessed Mother readers of the TLIG Messages and members of the TLIG prayer groups have established a different kind of Beth Myriam in Athens. 

To start the Beth Myriam and make sure that the neediest were reach the volunteers got information from a public institution of six families (10 children and 6 adults) that had many urgent needs and were living in different districts of Athens. With this information, the Beth Myriam was started. At the end of each month, TLIG volunteers buy food provisions for each family from a major supermarket and, using their own means of transport, deliver it door to door. In addition to food clothing, cooking utensils, blankets and whatever else is needed for the functioning of a normal household is also provided. With the help of Our Lord, the number of families now supported has increased to about 30.

We thank Christ and the Blessed Mother for this harvest of self-offering and love and we hope in the near future, with God’s grace, to significantly increase the number of people cared for by the Athen’s Beth Myriam.

Contact information

Address: Athens, Greece

Responsible: Georgia Vergidou, Candy Giannoutsikou

Email: [email protected]