Cairo, Egypt


Cairo in Egypt

Cairo in Egypt

This Beth Myriam in Cairo was established in 2000. The same year Sr. Carina Maria NDS (Notre Dame de Sion), volunteered to take on the challenge, of the BM in addition to her many other responsibilities. A small room was rented in two different houses for cooking and distributing meals, feeding about 20 of the poorest families (about 107 persons) in her area twice a week. When Vassula visited Cairo in 2009 and saw the poor condition of Beth Myriam, she urged Sr. Carina to rent a flat that could house the Beth Myriam in a dignified fashion where people also could be uplifted in a friendly environment.

In April of 2010, Sr. Carina found and rented the current apartment. It has 3 rooms with a small kitchenette and a bathroom. Beside cooking and distributing meals twice a week, the facility is used for prayer, social gatherings on special feasts as well as for teaching and encouraging a community atmosphere.

By 2018 the Beth Myriam Cairo serves 33 families or about 165 persons twice a week. These families have been recognized as social welfare cases and are registered as such (although without receiving any aid from governmental sources). Each Wednesday and Saturday they receive cooked food that is prepared at the Beth Myriam.

For lack of space and to better serve a family unity, the meals are collected by one member of the family and eaten at home adjusting to the schedule of each family. Initially, enough food was provided for about four days. This has become difficult now with constantly increasing food prices.

In order to encourage the disadvantaged in their daily struggles, Sister Carina Maria sometimes organizes special events at the Beth Myriam such as teaching, prayers and social activities where special treats (gifts that have been collected over the year) are distributed.

Since 25 years, Sister Carina organizes a summer camp for socially disadvantaged pupils from the school where she is a regular teacher. Ever since Beth Myriam was established she also invites the Beth Myriam children to the camp. The purpose is to offer the children a stay at a vacation camp on the seaside of Egypt. Depending on funds available it covers one week of accommodation, bus fare, entrance fees to the beach, cinema, other recreational activities and pre-cooked meals, drinks, ice cream, etc. 15 youth volunteers help Sister Carina to supervise the children. Up to 130 Children between 5 to 17 years old join this camp every year enjoying a refreshing holiday with swimming and play. It also provides a platform for educational activities including Bible studies, prayers and improving social skills such as respectful and cordial interaction between the children giving them an opportunity to bond in the Spirit of Love; encouragement for the rest of the year.

Contact information

Address: Cairo, Egypt

Responsible: Sr. Carina Minkarious NDS

Tel: +20 224829898