Homs, Syria


Homs in Syria

Homs in Syria

Of all the Beth Myriams around the world, the one in Homs in Syria has one of the toughest missions. This Beth Myriam started in the summer of 2011 providing food and assistance to poor families. In the beginning, Beth Myriam offered food to families every month. Moreover, it offered schooling items for children, winter clothing and medication for people in need.

Unfortunately, at the end of 2011, the war came to Syria. However, the volunteers decided to continue their mission by offering comfort and consolation to people who tasted the ugliness of war and by the grace of God the BM could continue its work.

In the beginning of 2012, the war became even more severe. People lost their jobs and their sense of security. Things started becoming more complicated for everyone. Many people were found in need and the poor became poorer. A large number of Christian families were forced to leave their homes and country. Some of these families became refugees, heading towards safer places. Other families became guests at the overcrowded humanitarian and resort centers at monasteries and schools. During this hard period for the country, people who had been running the Beth Myriam together with the volunteers did the unbelievable! They managed to reach the shelters of the families that they used to support before. Defying any danger, they drove through roads where they were not allowed to drive due to safety reasons. All this only to comfort people in this difficult situation.

In 2013 the Beth Myriam started to settle down. Many more tasks were added to the current ones. Among them was to offer also spiritual food. Therefore, the BM volunteers provided words of joy to comfort the people in their sufferings. In addition, BM volunteers introduced the families that they used to help to the True Life in God spirituality. Purely by the grace of Most Holy Theotokos, this mission has been working very well these past very difficult years despite the fact that the volunteers have been working under extremely dangerous circumstances.

Unfortunately, the number of people living at or now below the poverty level has been increasing rapidly. The last year the BM has been offering food supplies to a total of 150 families divided into three groups of 50 families, which are helped once a month. May God Bless all people who work for the Beth Myriams and provide so many poor and needy people with what they need.

Address: Homs, Syria

Responsible: Georges Chabab

Tel: +961 3352550

Email: [email protected]