Honoriara, Solomon islands


Honiara in Solomon Islands

Honiara in Solomon Islands

Jimmy Maeigoa and Maurice Mae are responsible for the Beth Myriam in Honoriara in Solomon Islands. The TLIG prayer group in the All Saints Church in Honiara does all the voluntary work whereas the Australian TLIG prayer groups provide all financial support. The prayer group in Honiara consists of more than 50 people and they meet every Thursday evening. The Beth Myriam has been run since 2011. It provides food at different venues such as at the Society of Saint Francis and at All Saints Church while looking for a permanent, or good house to do the cooking and the feeding. At the moment the Beth Myriam volunteers prepare the food at their own houses and bring it to the venues or to the streets to feed the poor. The feeding takes place once a week on Fridays. Also once a month the BM volunteers  feed old and disabled people and widows at different communities. The food consists of rice, potatoes, vegetables and fruits as well as bread, and if possible chicken, pork, beef and fish, together with something to drink. The TLIG prayer group is building a Prayer House called ‘Immaculate Conception Prayer House’. Once finished the TLIG prayer group and Beth Myriam feedings will take place there.

Contact information

Address: Honoriara, Solomon Islands

Responsible: Jimmy Maeigoa

Tel: +677 7488009

Email: [email protected]