Kashobwe, Congo


Kashobwe in Congo

Kashobwe in Congo

Kashobwe is a village dear to Moise Katumbi and Mrs. Carine his wife. Not only do they work to develop the village on the humanitarian level, but also on the spiritual level. It is in this context that they bought a house for True life in God in Kashobwe. Unlike other places, the vulnerable people here are the elderly, and the couple has made available three houses for better supervision and good support for the elderly, and they expect to offer two meals a day. 

Also on Sundays, they meet and share and meditate on the Word. They also take advantage of the TLIG Radio to reach a wider awareness and it pleases the public. 

Contact information

Responsible person: Carine and Moise Katumbi

Address: Kashobwe, Congo Kinshasa

Email: [email protected]