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Mexico City

Mexico City

Beth Myriam Mexico City in Mexico

Julietta Mena and Hilda Farah are responsible for the Beth Myriam, which started as far back as in 2006. They are supported by a prayer group of 8-10 members and around 25 volunteers, some of them being school youth. They serve around 600 people on a monthly basis. Monthly food pantries are delivered in the second week of every month. They deliver the following food stuffs: powdered milk, oatmeal, cornflower drink, rice, beans, pasta green tomato broth, quince jelly, tuna, chicken, sardines, spiced tomato puree, vegetable salad, and Amaranth. They also give rice, beans and sugar for some institutions. They are also helping the poor with eye glasses (600 delivered), blankets (400 delivered), camera (for teenager with Downs Syndrome, for his work as a photographer), disabled cranes, hospital bathing chair, pots and kitchen utensils (274 people), clothes (250 people), daily hot meals for sick children and their families.


During the Covid-19 pandemic they are reaching out to two more poor areas Las Tablas (close to a community that they already serve in the belt of Mexico City) and La Viga (the poorest community in a municipality called Huixquilucan). They are supporting 500 families with pantries of food feeding around 2500 people.


Contact details:

Julietta Mena

Address: Fresnos 3 Prado Largo, Atizapan, State of Mexico, 52936 Mexico

Mobile: 00521-5526902330

Email: [email protected].mx


Hilda Farah

Address: Monte Chimborazo 610-5, Lomas De Chapultepec, 11010 Mexico City, Mexico

Mobile: 00521-5543549636

Email: h[email protected]