Philippines on wheels


On Wheels in Philippines

On Wheels in Philippines

TLIG volunteers in Tuao, in the north of the Philippines travell to distant tribal villages in the mountainous where the poorest of the poor really dwell. They provide food, clothing, and free medical assistance to the villagers, and form TLIG Prayer Groups. 250 meals are brought once a week to the poor in 8 villages and to the local prison. The volunteers must move around by to reach the poor and therefore the call their Beth Myriam the Beth Myriam-on-Wheels. Sometimes during the typhoon season when bridges fall, the volunteers are forced to cross rivers by boat to get to some of the villages.

During a visit, a delighted Vassula encouraged them to continue following the call of God and to read, meditate and live the messages so that the Beth Myriam becomes the fruit of what they learned from the TLIG Messages. She also paused once in a while to personally talk with simplicity to individuals, especially among the poorest.

Contact information

Address: Cagayan Valley, Philippines

Responsible: Cora Zaballa

Tel: +63 2 7130211

Email: [email protected]