Orphanage in Dharmarajika, Bangladesh


Orphanage in Dharmarajika in Bangladesh

Orphanage in Dharmarajika in Bangladesh

Vassula was personally invited by the Venerable Suddhananda Mahathero, President of the Bangladesh Bouddha Kristi Prachar Sangha, to receive the “Atisha Dipankar & Visuddhananda Peace Gold Award” in 2003, on the occasion of the 94th birthday of the late president and founder of the Buddhist Monastery. At this time, Vassula was invited to visit the orphanage the Buddhist monks have had since 1972. The orphanage has been providing food and medical attention to thousands of orphans and destitute children. Two months after Vassula’s visit, in April 2003, TLIG began to support this orphanage – to help these helpless children so that they will be able to grow into able-bodied persons in the years to come.

Vassula has since been awarded four times as a ‘Divine Messenger for Peace and Reconciliation’ by the Venerable, and in 2019 the fifth medal was awarded to the TLIG Associations. This time, the Venerable chose to honor the True Life in God Associations, through Vassula, for their benevolent contribution toward their monastery’s orphans and destitute children, and given the Atisha Dipankar Peace Gold Award.  Right now, 600 children are benefitting from the generosity and love of their fellow people and through the charity of individual donors, as many aid organizations have discontinued their donations.

Contact information

Address: Dharmarajika Buddhist Monastery, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Responsible: Venerable Buddhapriya Mahathero

Email: [email protected]