School in Kulun, Bangladesh


School in Kulun in Bangladesh

School in Kulun in Bangladesh

In July 2000, a request came from local TLIG friends in Kulun, a small village about one and a half hours drive from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, about the construction of a 2-classroom building for a school in the village. These local friends later became devout readers of the TLIG messages and they follow the TLIG spirituality. With God’s blessing, the construction of a 3-classroom building began at the end of that year. The school was able to accommodate 30-35 children from the village and the extended area, providing them basic education and lunch at noon. In 2001, a special donor subsidized the extension of the 3-classroom building into a complete primary school with 6 classrooms. This special donor from Mexico was an ordinary woman with a big heart; she offered her life savings for this purpose. Life had tested this woman very much, but this didn’t prevent her from being strong in faith and merciful towards others.

Several difficulties occurred during the construction, but finally, the primary school was completely finished in 2006. At a big inauguration day fiesta, Vassula was present, and cut the red ribbon! In 2007, 4 students from the school received a government scholarship to continue their studies. On February 2019, we were informed that the students of this school are doing very well academically. Currently, the school at Kulun teaches 75 underprivileged children.

Contact information

Address: Kulun, Bangladesh

Responsible: Sujit Kumar Barua

Email: [email protected]