Yerevan, Armenia


Yerevan in Armenia

Yerevan in Armenia

When the Beth Myriam in Yerevan started, we were working the following way. Once or twice in the wintertime during the year we donated around $40 to families who could not pay electrical bills for indoor heating. Sometimes we were witness of such conditions in these homes where the kids would often do their homework with their coats on. We also gave money to the elderly members of TLIG for food and medicine. Their addresses, telephone numbers and signatures are recorded. In addition, we distributed cloths and household items to families in need, orphanages and boarding schools. Packages were also received from the US and Australia. 

By now we record and make the list of large families that are jobless or unable to work, the disabled and those suffering from extreme poverty. Once a month we will visit their houses to take care for their food and other necessities.

Unfortunately, there are many of those families throughout Armenia. From time to time, we will refresh the list of families.

Contact information:

Address: Yerevan, Armenia

Responsible: Lusine Hovekimyan

Tel: +37 499880555

Email: [email protected]