Propatria, Venezuela


Propatria in Venezuela

Propatria in Venezuela

The Propatria BM is situated in the center of Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. This Beth Myriam has been active for many years now and is supported by the True Life in God Association of Venezuela and its TLIG Prayer Groups. Twenty TLIG volunteers are available, rotating their time to help. The Beth Myriam feeds, gives reading and writing lessons for adults and children, bathes its guests and gives them clean clothes. 350 meals are served daily from Monday to Friday. Medical assistance is given to about 40 persons daily, medical supplies are donated by the employees of the U.S. Embassy in Caracas.

Recently, the TLIG volunteers organized a day of Spiritual Recollection for the poor who frequent the Beth Myriam. Four generous medical doctors offered the needy free medical assistance. Two hairdressers were on hand to cut the hair of the poor at the Beth Myriam. Many of the people who come to be helped are elderly beggars who live in the streets, turning to Our Lady’s House for the only decent food they eat, and for the only health care they can get. The TLIG volunteers take them to hospitals when they are in need of medical help.

Contact information

Address: Caracas, Venezuela 

Av. 3a entre calle 6, Propatria 7

Responsible: Benito Prieto, Carmen Fernandez, Rosalia Camerlingo